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Frederick Public School Videos

Guys and Dolls
2015 FHS Graduation    
2015 3rd Grade Musical    
2013 FHS Graduation    
Dinosauring 1st Grade
2012 Pre-K Class
2nd Grade Musical "Science Rocks" Oct, 9, 2012
Bomber Band Oct, 5, 2012
3rd Grade Musical "Possibilites"
Bomber Band Sept, 21, 2012
2012 FHS Graduation    
2012 FHS Senior Presentation    
FES Pre-K Musical 2012    
FMS-FHS Spring Music Concert 2012    
FMS STUCO Elections    
FES Kindergarten Barnyard Moosical 2012    
FES Testing Pep Rally    
FES 1st Grade Musical - "Sing Me A Song"    
Pre-K sings National Anthem    
FHS-FMS Christmas Concert    
FHS Veteran's Day Program    
FES Veteran's Day Program    
FES Halloween Parade 2011    
FES PreK at School    
FHS Bomber Band at Contest    
FES 2nd grade Musical Rock and Roll Forever!    
FHS Mini Cheer Clinic    
FHS 2011 Graduation    
FHS 2011 Senior Presentation    
FMS 2011 Student Council Elections    
FHS 2011 Prom    
FES Kindergarten - How Does Your Garden Groove?    
FES 1st-2nd Bugz! - Morning    
FES 4th Grade Cowboy Christmas    
FES Kindergarten Grandparent's Day - Horton    
FMS Track Relay    
FMS STUCO Convention 2010    
Frederick Public Schools    
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