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Dear FHS Parents and Guardians,

What a busy start to the school year we've had!!! We've been so busy with tons of activities and administrative obligations that we are a month behind in getting out FHS Direct, our parent newsletter.

The face of education is changing dramatically with the influx of technology and how our students learn to use it and utilize it for knowledge.

Jill and I had a "discussion" this summer as we were driving to my parents' house. I told her, "Knowledge is no longer what you have in your head. It's what you have access to." We disagreed a little, then I explained my statement. Last year, the doors at Frederick High School slammed. All of them! One day, I had had enough and got on my computer ( and typed in "How to adjust door closers." I took down some notes, got an allen wrench, a step ladder and adjusted the doors. I didn't know how to deal with the problem, but I had access to the knowledge of others to help out. Our doors no longer slam - anything for a little peacefulness...

We still disagreed a little, but I also admitted that the way we define knowledge has also changed!

And so it is with how we educate our students. We not only have to entertain people who can access information NOW and who can obtain instant stimulation for any intellectual need through their telephones, but we also must make sure they know how to solve problems - real world problems - using this technology! If you have time, and I hope you do, please take a few minutes to view the video link below. Our students and teachers have seen it. It will open your eyes to what we will be seeing in the next three to five years in the way of technology. Think about the giant that educators face in educating students who have access to just as much knowledge as we have access to...

And so, while we juggle the technology monster and transitioning from our state's Priority Academic Student Skills (PASS) Standards to the Common Core State Standards, to making ourselves more aware of the "Rules of the Game" as I call the EOI/ACT testing challenge, while preparing our students for success in higher education and the work world, we will continue to be proactive and open to various avenues and ideas about how to facilitate learning rather than being teacher-centered.

We have awesome students at Frederick High School. They are polite and will be successful in the future in all kinds of endeavors. It is our focus at FHS to protect them, support them, help them understand their options, and to guide them as if they didn't have that help at home, because some of them do not. Thank you for trusting us with your child and being so supportive of our school system. It is going to be a great year at FHS!!! The FHS Direct for October is attached.